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Nabrawind and Peikko develop an innovative rock foundation for projects in Namibia

Combined solution minimises foundation size and environmental footprint

Nabrawind and Peikko have developed an innovative rock foundation for wind turbines that will be first implemented in the Elizabeth Bay wind farm developed by the renewables Franco/Namibian company InnoSun Energy.

Peikko, European leader in solutions for Onshore Wind Turbine Foundations, has a long and strong track record in this kind of foundations. Peikko’s will deliver steel components, such as FATBAR® Rock Anchors, to this project and also be responsible for the foundation design. However, what makes this foundation different is the fact of using the transition piece developed by Nabrawind for its Nabralift Tower.

This way, the transition piece distributes the load through three distant points directly anchored to the rock subsoil. Thanks to it, the size of the resulting footings is very small, and the number and metric of the anchors are reduced.

Another benefit of this foundation relies in the simplification of the manufacturing process on site. In fact, only two trucks are needed to bring the concrete onsite for each footing, avoiding, thus, the need of large local concrete plants. Along the logistic simplification, the excavation is also simplified, since only three local ground zones are affected.

Finally, the innovative foundation also benefits from a significant concrete reduction, which at the same time cuts downs the CO2 emissions by a 90% compared with standard foundation alternatives.

Ion Arocena, Program Manager of Nabralift, points out the excellent collaboration between both companies. “Thanks to the expertise of Peikko we have now a great solution to improve the competitivity of our Nabralift solution in rocky sites. We see a very interesting market for this solution, with two new projects already under negotiation”.

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