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Innovation and digitalization: on the path towards sustainable development

Well aware that global energy challenges are changing rapidly, at Studer we are focusing on creating simple solutions to complex problems. Access to electricity for all, the energy transition, automation, digitalization and electric mobility are all topics and issues that set the pace and influence the creation of all our products and services.

In energy management the needs are increasing, systems are becoming more complex, and technology and innovation must respond to these new imperatives. We develop products that enrich peoples’ lives and are constantly on the lookout for groundbreaking developments and trends.

A few years ago, a battery inverter was a single device working alone. Today, it communicates with other devices in a system, there is remote supervision, an interaction with the end user and the rest of the elements in the energy chain. There is real added value in having an eco-system around the inverter.

Studer service does not end when a product is placed on the market, on the contrary, it goes one step more, committing itself to constant development, with a team of specialized professionals fully dedicated
to this.

Innovation is essential and it is not just about creating the next range of new products, but also about improving existing products to try to meet the needs of our special niche energy market. Our products have a long field life of around 15-20 years.

These are not consumer electronic products, but rugged energy converters that you install and then can forget for years. The maintenance and upkeep of the existing range is therefore essential. It is also with these additions that a product evolves towards a maturity that bolsters its reputation. We will continue to engage in this systemic aspect, with a set of professional converters and the tools and services to best meet the needs of our customers. This applies to the existing range and to the new products that we are currently developing.

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