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PES had a great exchange with Tynan Coles, CEO at Soltaro. Did you know there are now smart batteries? It seems that we are in a period where software can be added to anything to improve performance. We heard today about the built in possibilities, which allow the user to control the

The wind market is continuously evolving to bigger and more powerful WTGs, both onshore and offshore, each one has its limitations, but they need to include new solutions and continue to reduce the associated LCoE. Until now, the onshore market has represented approximately 70% of the total MW installed (GWEC), but offshore

Headquartered in the suburbs of Shanghai, APsystems was originally founded in the Silicon Valley over 11 years ago by Dr Zhi Min Ling, current Chairman & CEO and Dr Yuhao Luo, CTO of the company. Today PES Solar reports back from an interview with Olivier Jacques, President, Global Executive VP of APsystems,

When service providers assume responsibility for the investments of others, they’re certainly aware that they’re taking on a great deal of responsibility for the success. That’s why they carefully select the components and systems in order to not only achieve the desired result for the investors, but also create a cost-covering corporate

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