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摘要:我们使用太阳模拟器分析了以最高生产率生产硅太阳能电池时可用的测量时间,并阐述了该时间在确定太阳能电池特性所必需执行的不同测量之间的分布方式。针对高效太阳能电池,我们详细说明了“如何减少确定其 IV 特性所需的测量时间以便在所有情况下皆满足生产率要求”。我们发现,通过结合使用电压扫描速度自适应和增强型磁滞评估,可在不牺牲测量精度的同时获得最高生产率,即便对于容量最高的异质结 (HJ) 电池也是如此。 简介 现代太阳能电池生产线生产率极高,生产周期低至 1 秒或不到 1 秒。在不久的将来,单条太阳能电池测试仪和分选机生产线上须实现低至 800 毫秒的生产周期( 相当于高达 4500 片电池/小时的生产率) 。为实现如此短的生产周期,传输和测量时间需满足严格要求。 同时,随着硅太阳能电池效率的不断提高,有效电荷载流子寿命日益变长,使得电池容量不断增大。由此,设备由于工作条件改变后达到准稳态条件所需的时间也随之增加,这是精确测量太阳能电池额定功率的先决条件。在 IV 测量期间,施加的电压从 0 V 变为开路电压甚至更高,即工作条件发生巨大改变。

SolarCleano has been developing and selling robots to clean solar panels for 3 years. Based on the cleaning experience of its founder, Pol Duthoit, it created a robot usable by lone workers. Along the way, SolarCleano made a few discoveries that helped it tackle more issues. Solar panels exist in all shapes and

Using drones for solar plant inspections has started to become the norm amongst plant owners and O&M companies because it is quicker, more accurate, more economical and safer. However, plants aren’t being inspected nearly enough to ensure their functionality. PES caught up with Mauro Migliazzi, the CEO of Wesii, to find out

New PV technologies make it possible to create more diversity to the utilization of solar energy. High efficiency, low cost and good looks of PV applications make it feasible to integrate solar power to new products and environments. Any self-powering object creates a local energy source. Solar energy can be used in

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