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Wind powering forward

Operating for nearly 100 years, Peterson is the leading international logistics provider to the global energy industry and prides itself on thinking in generations, which is enshrined as a core company value. PES went to find out all about this reputable world company, which has always kept pace with the latest technology and innovations.

The energy logistics company’s appetite for thinking in generations has allowed the company to evolve and respond not just to present requirements, but to anticipate future needs.

This philosophy was behind the adoption of new technologies and innovative business systems, processes and strategies for efficient and cost effective solutions for customers, even before the recent downturn in the oil price.

Therefore, it seemed only natural when three years ago, this global company began to explore the future-focused, renewable energy sector.

Since then, Peterson has responded to requirements to support the offshore wind sector, offering a comprehensive range of safe, reliable and value added offshore wind logistic solutions to support clients, throughout the energy life cycle. However, with increased commitment from government bodies to enhance the uptake of renewable energy and more companies exploring this fast-moving sector, they have developed a comprehensive strategy that brings benefits to partners, clients and investors looking to work within offshore wind.


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