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The Committee on Climate Change’s 2018 Progress Report to Parliament will be published tomorrow (28 June). It urges the Government to act now as “climate change will not pause while we consider our options”.

Responding, Fabrice Leveque, Senior Policy Manager at Scottish Renewables, said:

“This is a stark warning from the independent advisory body that the UK Government is unnecessarily increasing the cost of tackling climate change by preventing the cheapest technologies, like onshore wind and solar, from competing in the electricity market.

“Enabling parts of the UK, and particularly Scotland, to deploy more onshore wind could provide a net payback to consumers of £1.6 billion and create 8,500 new long-term jobs.

“The report also warns that in other areas, like heat and transport, the UK Government has too few policies with too little ambition and that, as a result, the UK is off-track to hit its future emissions targets.

“Low-carbon sectors need long-term clarity on future policy if they are to continue to deliver economic and environmental benefits across the UK.”

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