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Scottish Government announces Networks Vision

The Scottish Government has launched a new document at Scottish Renewables Annual Conference in Edinburgh today (March 12), setting out the future of the country’s electricity and gas networks.

Responding, Scottish Renewables Chief Executive Claire Mack said: “The Scottish Government’s Networks Vision rightly recognises the importance of our electricity and gas networks being fit for purpose as we shift to a cleaner, smarter energy system.

“Together Scotland’s gas and electricity networks deliver around half of all the energy we use in Scotland. With the majority of our electricity now coming from renewable sources it is essential that the Scottish Government take an active role in networks policy and regulation if we are to meet our 2030 energy strategy objectives – particularly the target that 50% of all our energy should come from renewables by 2030.

“The Networks Vision places renewables at the heart of the energy transition and focuses on a whole system approach across heat, transport and electricity which will help facilitate the development of an infrastructure which benefits all Scotland’s communities.

“It is important that the Scottish Government work with Ofgem to ensure that decarbonisation is a key focus in the development of our networks going forward and to ensure the transition to smarter, local energy models is an inclusive one.”

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