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Ron Nierenberg, one of the wind industry’s foremost analytical meteorologists, joins ArcVera Renewables

ArcVera Renewables, a leading provider of consulting and technical services for wind, solar and storage projects, has employed Ron Nierenberg in its wind energy team.  Ron is an award-winning wind industry veteran and meteorological specialist with 40 years of experience.

Ron has over four decades of experience with meteorological consulting in wind energy.  His expertise ranges from prospecting and project analysis in development, to due diligence and strategic/operational climatological studies.  He has designed, implemented, and analyzed wind energy assessment programs to optimize production from windfarm developments for hundreds of clients on over 21 gigawatts of windfarm projects since 1978.

Ron has been involved with the first wind energy facilities in most U.S. states.  One such project was the original wind study of the Altamont Pass, which led to the installation of $1.5 billion of wind turbines in the region.  Ron has worked on projects in the U.S., Canada, Latin America, China, India and the Europe, which fits seamlessly with ArcVera’s renewable energy experience on 6-of-7 continents.  He has designed and managed federally funded wind energy studies and has authored DOE/NREL (or SERI) reports.

In April 1998, Ron was given a special award “For making critical contributions to the development of wind energy in the U.S. and around the world”, presented by the American Wind Energy Association.

We are excited to have Ron join and enhance our powerful wind energy team.  With his tremendous knowledge of wind energy-specific meteorology, wind project experience relevant to rapid and insightful guidance, and undeniable zest for wind energy problem solving, I am confident that he will make important contributions to our clients new and old throughout the world,” commented Gregory S. Poulos, CEO of ArcVera Renewables.

About ArcVera Renewables

ArcVera Renewables provides finance-grade consulting and technical services for wind, solar and storage projects worldwide For the last four decades, ArcVera Renewables has been dedicated to delivering next generation innovation in renewable energy to meet the needs of landowners, project developers, investors, project owners and operators globally. We provide technically sound and accuracy-driven technical services, including prospecting and resource assessment, independent technical and financial engineering, as well as plant optimization, operations and repowering.

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