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PES wanted to know more about how Peterson is applying a collaborative approach, together with transferring expertise and know-how to become a top player in offshore wind and renewables logistics. Sander G van Helvoort, Business Manager Wind & Renewables, Peterson was happy to help with this.

The global energy industry is currently under-going a change in direction with leading innovators and companies across the globe working to speed up the transition towards clean and renewable energy sources.

Access to sustainable and clean energy sources is essential to the goals set by the Agenda 2030 and the Paris Agreement on climate change. Not only does this lead the charge in sustainable energy, but renewables also contribute to a higher standard of living, as well as better health and education, and is crucial for the productive activities that can raise people out of poverty.

With its origins rooted in the Netherlands, Peterson has long been inspired by the culture of its home country, and, as it moves towards renewable energy, paying particular attention to offshore wind power.

The European offshore wind market is predicted to record remarkable gains over the coming six years, with the UK, Germany, Poland and the Netherlands all driven by the strict regulations to meet the energy demand.

Closer to home, the Netherlands has invested heavily in green energy, even establishing its largest offshore farm across North Sea with a capacity to produce 2.6 TWh of clean energy annually.

As part of its on-going goals, Peterson is clear in its objective to become a preferred partner for renewable energy projects.

We are committed to becoming a serious service provider for renewables, as we are for oil and gas. Having worked with the energy industry for more than six decades, we have developed and honed our knowledge of providing high quality and bespoke customer solutions, using key skills that we have developed and become specialist in, over a number of decades. Working alongside key industry players, we can now use this to shape a new and emerging industry sector.

Transferring skills and knowledge

As the industry continues to grow at rapid speed, clients are increasingly looking for integrated solutions that can better support this and help reduce the overall costs. Wind and solar have become so cheap on a levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) basis, that they are increasingly becoming the go-to source for new electricity generation projects.

Clients are now looking to key industry players, who can support them with the same collaborative approaches and innovative strategies, which have been tried and tested for the oil and gas market, helping to transform the burgeoning offshore wind industry.

Applying a collaborative approach to the renewables supply chain is key to a successful take on the energy transition. By joining together vessels, helicopters, warehousing and additional resources, so much more can be gained than a reduction of emissions: a reduction of costs. It actually maximises the assets you are using. It’s a win for everybody.

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