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PES met up with Mads Poulsen, Sales and Chartering Manager, Esbjerg, Denmark, to find out the latest news from BBC Chartering. Esbjerg is a prime location for offshore wind. Components are increasingly bigger, providing a challenge and risk assessment remains a priority.

PES: Hi Mads, it’s great to have you back. As always, we are pleased to say we have many new readers, so would you like to begin by explaining a little about the background of BBC Chartering and the importance of the wind industry to you?

Mads Poulsen: Being one of the largest project carriers in the market, the wind industry is of course of major importance to us. BBC has been involved in this sector since the beginning in the 1990´s and today wind power transports are amongst our top three cargo commodities.

We believe in this sector and its ongoing growth potential. Of course, we´re determined to stay a market leading provider of shipping solutions to this industry.

PES: We would like to know more about your wind division’s competences and what you feel it brings to the market?

MP: We work closely with our clients and share our experiences and insights proactively. This way we can identify many challenges and mitigate the project risk early on.

Also, we ensure that our customers receive the most economic service, supported by the most effective trading platform in the sector. Inside the wind division we keep up with the latest developments and future trends, within the industry.

There is a wealth of experience and know how in our wind power division at BBC Chartering. Some of us been involved in this sector for over 20 years.

PES: It seems to us that there is an increasing demand for transportation to offshore developments worldwide, and often with ever bigger loads. Is this your experience and how do you manage this?


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