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Opening new operational windows

A new company with a pioneering concept – the Zbridge. PES is always on the look out for new and innovative ideas and we are sure this will not disappoint you. Read on to find out more…

September 2017 marked the start of the Zbridge BV, supplier of Zbridge walk to work system (W2W). The company is located in IJmuiden in The Netherlands. Zbridge was set up by its parent company Ztechnologies.

One of the people behind the Zbridge development is pioneer Reinout Prins.
The Zbridge is the second W2W system that he has developed. As the inventor of the Offshore Access System (OAS), Prins was responsible for the first ever W2W concept. He continuously looked into opportunities of improving safe access to offshore structures and increasing the operating windows. This lead him to start the Zbridge W2W system development.

This was initiated within Ztechnologies, a company specialised in developing innovative ideas, creative design and resulting in safe solutions. They developed the Zbridge with a specialist hydraulic and control systems company.

During the summer of 2016 it was tested at the L8P4 offshore production platform at Wintershall Noordzee. After successfully concluding the extensive sea trials the Zbridge was deployed on its first ever commercial contract in December 2016.

The system was installed on the Normand Reach, operated by the Norwegian company Reach Subsea. The combination supported a construction project working at two locations in the Dutch part of the North Sea. During this first project the system proved its capabilities by working throughout the most severe winter conditions.

Establishing Zbridge BV as a separate company marks the launch of the Zbridge W2W concept on the market. Bastiaan Spruit was appointed as General Manager of Zbridge BV. He will be responsible for further developing, marketing and managing the operation and providing 24/7 technical support to clients.

The Zbridge is available as a fully operational rental package or can be procured, with a service level agreement, for operational and technical support to clients.

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