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Online after-sales for wind turbine spare parts and repair material excels

Hamburg-based trading company,
WINDSOURCING.COM, reaches customers in the wind industry worldwide via its online presence. Seher Kaygusuz, their Business Development, Marketing and Sales manager, dropped into PES to update us on what is happening in this expanding company. Business is good and more and more partnerships are forming, which in turn provide customers with valuable training opportunities.
In fact they’ve had to move to bigger premises.

PES: Hi Seher, it’s great to be talking with you again. We have spoken a lot about WINDSOURCING in the past, but I think a brief overview of the company and the history will be of interest to our new readers.

Seher Kaygusuz: Thank you very much for having us. I am very happy to give the readers an overview. We are a specialist dealer for spare parts, accessories and materials for the maintenance and repair of wind turbines. The company was launched in 2011 and was the first online platform of its kind in the world, with a focus on the after-sales market for wind turbines.

Our special feature is that the products are mainly distributed and communicated digitally. Customers worldwide have access to the online product catalogue on the multilingual website. Most new customers reach this catalogue via online research for specific products and materials. This means: no costs for an international sales team and the best possible exploitation of the digital possibilities of online sales and distribution.

PES: We hear that you moved premises earlier in the year, was this due to expansion?

SK: Exactly, we moved to larger premises in May. The expansion of our team is of course one of the reasons for this. Currently we are looking for a new employee for the sales department as well as one for the purchasing department. We also like the new environment very much. We are located in the upper part of the Hafencity in Hamburg, a creative-industrial quarter that fits in perfectly with our spirit.

PES: Who are your customers and how do work – is your turnaround fast enough to satisfy what must be sometimes urgent needs?

SK: What makes us unique is that we have founded a sales company that specializes in the after-sales market. Our customers are service companies, wind farm owners and operators, but also energy suppliers and OEM’s who need material for systems of other manufacturers or who cannot procure their products quickly enough internally. At the same time, some of our customers do not have their own purchasing structures to request and procure market requirements. Windsourcing.com does this work, enabling customers to source most of their needs from a single source.

We achieve fast delivery times because we have certain products in stock, which we sell exclusively or regularly. End customers can purchase these products in small quantities according to their needs. They also receive free product training, which Windsourcing.com offers together with our supplier partners.

In general, we expand our product portfolio with new product groups together with existing and new supply partners and orient ourselves to the requirements of our customers. Their demand is the best indicator we can have to know what the market needs, what goods we need to stock or what products need to be added to our range.

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