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PES brings you Offshore Project Support, your complete service provider in the offshore wind industry.

Smarter cost reduction and a more efficient offshore wind industry? It’s possible. Offshore Project Support (OPS) from the Netherlands combines the knowledge, experience and equipment of four different offshore companies. Together, they are ‘the toolbox at sea’. A complete service for every stage in wind energy projects.

Niels Noordeloos is OPS’s managing director. ‘Titles don’t really mean much to me. I’m a practical kind of guy who just happens to know exactly what’s going on in the offshore industry. I enjoy managing projects and like to come up with safe and well considered solutions. With OPS I can offer my clients the services they need.’

Niels Noordeloos has worked in the offshore industry for 16 years and has been working as a freelance project manager over the last couple of years. ‘First in the gas and oil industry, later on in the offshore wind industry. At one point I was wondering if we could reduce costs by combining different projects. I envisioned a chain of wind parks from the southern part of the North Sea up to northern part of the North Sea. One vessel could sail to the first project and then move on to the next and so on, visiting all parks in one season. Wind energy is all about the environment and low cost energy. I was just trying to come up with a more efficient method and a more environmentally friendly way of working.
I decided to look for partners.’

OPS is a joint venture of four offshore companies, all based in Den Helder or with an international branch in Den Helder. Den Helder Aircraft Systems is responsible for inspections above water. GEOxyz delivers geotechnical and geophysical services below water. DHSS takes care of Ships Agency, Stevedoring, Helicopter services and warehousing in all Offshore Energy ports in the Netherlands. Glomar Offshore and Glomar Subsea deliver vessels, ROV and diving services.

The city of Den Helder is in the north of the Netherlands, on the North Sea coast. The offshore industry is one of its main economic sources and offers employment opportunities for thousands of inhabitants.

OPS is located at Port of Den Helder, a harbour close to the Dutch Navy and Den Helder Airport. Niels Noordeloos: ‘The Port of Den Helder is a harbour with so much experience, with many facilities and possibilities. People, even the Dutch, tend to underestimate our scope of work. When I tell them OPS has a fleet of over twenty-five vessels supplemented with drones, helicopters and ROV’s, they’re often very surprised.’

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