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Here is proof that it’s better to work together than try to reinvent the wheel. PES is thrilled to bring you this perfect example of such a collaboration between two companies. The end result saved time and costs, which are now a big plus for the end users.

Working with Scopito has enabled us to offer a seamlessly integrated service which provides our clients with the flexibility they need. This collaboration has provided an efficient and low-cost solution that enables us to provide even greater value to our clients,’ affirmed Pieter D’haen International Director, Natural Power.

It’s nearing the end of August twenty-nineteen. The Texas sun is baking outside. Andre’s office is in the shade of a tall Elm tree and so it’s nice and cool. The business cards on his left read ‘Andre Louis Ferdinand, Sr. Engineer, UAS inspection Services, Natural Power’. His task, as head of software development, is making sure that Natural Power’s flight software is robust and user-friendly – that hasn’t been easy lately.

For the past year, Andre has been working with different solutions – exploring options, trying to find the best tool for his team and their clients. They all feel clunky to him – slow, unable to handle the kind of calculations that Natural Power needs, expensive. None of what he tried, has left him impressed. It’s just not cutting it.

He observes the slight movement of the tree branches outside. His thoughts are interrupted by the familiar sound of an Outlook notification; team meeting in 5. Andre smiles as he gathers his notes – he has an idea to pitch.

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