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It’s an exciting time at the Port of Rotterdam. It already has a flourishing business network and is set to get even bigger with the development of the Offshore Center Maasvlakte 2. Joost Eenhuizen, Business Manager, Port of Rotterdam Authority, provides PES with a look in to the future at this unique project in Europe.

The ambition of the Port of Rotterdam Authority is to be a world leader in the field of sustainability. The goal is greener industry and logistics, which will improve and maintain the environmental quality. The use of alternative energy supplies such as wind, solar and biomass is increasing so as to provide a viable alternative to fossil fuels.

It’s in the Port of Rotterdam’s (PoR) DNA to look ahead and plan new developments. Two new markets, offshore wind and decommissioning are now firmly in sight due to this new venture. The Oil & Gas industry will also benefit from the improvement and expansion of the already good port capabilities.

The development of the ‘Offshore Center’ didn’t just happen. It has come after years of thorough research and hundreds of various discussions with different offshore companies, in order to ascertain the needs associated with such big expansion.

This ensures that the Center will combine all the necessary, basic activities and services of an all-round offshore terminal, for the decommissioning, oil & gas and offshore wind markets. Flexibility and cooperation among the companies involved is key to the development and further growth of the Center.

It is located at our latest port extension Maasvlakte 2. The area provides almost unlimited opportunities in heights, water depth, quay walls, environmental permits, Jack-up possibilities and also most importantly, room for growth.

All companies working here have to be sustainable and there will be stringent agreements with the companies in regards to air quality, noise and cleaner local transport, as well as the efficient use and/or reuse of energy, each other’s waste heat, waste materials and semi-manufactured products.

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