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ODE welcomes David Robertson as Business Line – Head of Renewables

International engineering, technical services and project management provider ODE, which as part of the DORIS Group leads the global renewables business line, is delighted to announce the addition of David Robertson to the company’s management team.

Supporting ODE’s London-Wimbledon corporate office and the new facility at The Exchange in Aberdeen, Mr Robertson will manage all aspects of the global Renewable’s business. Mr Robertson with over fifteen years in the industry, is a known professional and accomplished business leader with demonstrable success in delivering offshore wind projects and in developing and securing new business opportunities.  This experience includes working on both the developer and on the contractor sides of the business and geographically extends across involvement in the UK, Europe, Asia and North American offshore renewables markets.

ODE’s offshore renewables experience commenced approximately 20 years ago, with the industry’s UK inception, and the company has gained extensive knowledge and helped shape best practises through all phases of project developments ever since.  This has been achieved either through technical and engineering support or through the provision of Owner’s Engineering related services.  The company’s international activities continue to grow, with new contract announcements expected shortly, and the company’s technical expertise extends from fixed to floating OWF solutions to an optimised mid-water depth articulated wind column (AWC) proprietary foundation.  ODE now also provides direct in-house geotechnics support.

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