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New dedicated weather company

PES caught up with Carsten Kofoed, Managing Director & Hans Christian Hansen, Director of Operations at Vento Maritime, to find out more about this young company, with years of experience behind it. By following the weather and planning ahead it’s possible to make substantial savings in time and fuel and thus decrease costs. Offshore operators need to have an eye on the weather forecasts.

PES: Welcome to you both to PES Wind magazine. Thanks for talking with us. Would you like to begin by explaining a little about the background and experience of Vento Maritime and the importance of the wind industry to you?

Carsten Kofoed & Hans Christian Hansen: Vento Maritime is a Danish weather service company, which we founded in Copenhagen in January 2017. Together we have more than 20 years of experience in the maritime business, within meteorology, oceanography and operational MetOcean services. We are dedicated to helping maritime customers save time while, improving safety at sea. We are only into maritime weather.

Our marine forecasters are dedicated meteorologists and are all WMO-certified, with years of experience in understanding the needs of maritime customers. The team is passionate about excellent customer service and the art of communicating meteorological and oceanographic uncertainties, in order to provide timely, essential and accurate decision support to our clients.

Our clients work within different kinds of maritime sectors: offshore renewable energy, shipping, oil & gas and marine transport, but the largest section is within the offshore wind industry, which we proudly serve. From a bit of a nerdier perspective, the offshore wind industry is very interesting to work with, as we get to help improving their safety but at the same time make sure they optimise their time for wind turbine maintenance.

PES: It would be interesting for our readers to know about the different services you offer, please could you tell us a little about them?

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