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Natural Power appoints Offshore Analytics Lead

Leading renewable energy consultancy and service provider, Natural Power, has appointed Antoine Borraccino (PhD) as Offshore Analytics Lead.

Based in Natural Power’s Nantes office in France, Antoine who has a back ground in energy analysis, will support client projects globally as well as providing specialist training and guidance to the internal team of analysts throughout Europe and the US.

Keith Burns, Commercial Director at Natural Power, said: “This new role is integral to our business as we continue to develop our offshore capabilities and find new growth opportunities. Offshore wind plays a crucial role in achieving renewable energy targets, and will enable many countries to continue decarbonising their power infrastructure in a cost-effective way. We are supporting clients with wind projects across the globe so must evolve our team to fully grasp this opportunity.”

Antoine has a degree in Engineering from Grenoble Institute of Technology-Ense3, France, and a PhD in ’Remotely measuring the wind using turbine-mounted lidars: Application to power performance testing’, from DTU Technical University of Denmark. He said: “Natural Power has a strong reputation in the renewable energy industry and the opportunity offshore wind has at a global level is a very exciting prospect. The challenges and diversity of the sector are fascinating and I’m looking forward to a busy and productive future here.”

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