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Modular accommodation: flexible assistance to the offshore wind sector

With the continuous progression of the offshore wind industry we find more operators than ever searching for effective and efficient solutions to their operations. In the wind energy sector, modular units can be placed on a huge variety of vessels and barges to accommodate the manpower required during the commissioning phase of the projects.

Accommodation modules are designed to interface with the control rooms, which enables great flexibility when it comes to last minute changes in projects and the varying requirements for staff. They host a range of benefits, as shown below.

Fast and efficient

With the palpable shift towards sustainable/renewable energy across the global industry, more organisations are opting for swift modifications on all types of fixed installations in order to keep-pace with the ongoing demand. In previous years, many of these organisations believed to have ample time to prepare for the next energy revolution, with long-term, extensive and costly new builds for their projects. However, we now find that in order to keep up, rapid conversions of existing vessel types, with the support of modular units is proving to be the way forward.

As we know, a new build can be very expensive, with a long lead time to manufacture. When swift vessel modifications are the preferred option, modular units are a vital part in this process. The fundamental concept of modular units enables them to be extremely versatile and flexible, with simple and fast construction. This can make the decision of commissioning a completely new vessel or not more straightforward.

It saves time and expenses for an organisation to quickly convert and enhance current vessels, and modules can deliver a quick solution for additional POBs which may be required as a result. Long, drawn out modifications are reduced, as the simplicity of a modular build saves significant time on such projects. With the intrinsic design and feasibility, they create an efficient and economical solution, offering a safe and secure living environment in a fast-paced industry.

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