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Innovative blade inspection and cleaning services

Words: Leonardo Gómez, Engineering Manager at TSR Wind

PES is excited to introduce TSR, a small Spanish engineering company that has developed technology through R&D, to provide affordable services that can compete in price, with traditional methods in the wind energy sector, solving problems that historically, would have involved risks, non-competitive stopping times and an increase in operating personnel.

With the growing number of wind turbines soon to be operating out of warranty, more frequent, minimal risk, effective and affordable services are a necessity in the industry. Maintenance often conflicts with tight budgets and down times but at the same time, high performance rates are expected from the windfarms, where one of the more critical factors is the inspection and repairing of the blades

TSR conceived its magnetic coupling robots for wind turbine maintenance, as a solution to minimise cost, reduce risks and obtain better results. The development started with the idea of a climbing, cleaning robot and has evolved into a series of different models of robots, according to the service it provides. The first ones on offer to the public were the EOLOS series, a type of robot specifically designed for blade inspections.

TSR entered the international market with the robotic platforms from EOLOS series, a guided magnetic coupling robot, designed to move around steel or other ferrous material surfaces, metal tubes or cylinders of more than 2m in diameter, as well as flat or uneven plates, specifically designed and constructed for inspection tasks in wind farms, therefore, the ideal operation would be in the a wind turbine tower.

Using a simple yet very powerful inspection tool, that is revolutionising how modern inspections are made, it’s simple, effective, fast and so quality oriented that it has proven to facilitate the detection of 40% more damages and objects of interests, than the ground inspections and without the risks that aerial inspections services imply.

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