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Home comforts offshore

Craig Marjoribanks, the Sales and Marketing Manager for HB Rentals, met up with us at PES. It was interesting to learn that this forward-looking company already has one of the largest rental fleets of ABS PAM certified modules, a must for business. He is enthusiastic about current projects and the future.

PES: Hi Craig, welcome back to PES Wind, it’s good to talk to you again. Would you like to begin by giving us a brief overview of your company?

Craig Marjoribanks: Hello it’s good to be back and give you an update on HB Rentals. We are a global provider of offshore modular temporary living quarters (TLQ’s) and welfare facilities for all types of offshore installations. From accommodation modules to galleys, mess rooms, locker, laundry, gymnasiums and more, we have a large rental fleet in excess of 300+ modules between our Aberdeen and Abu Dhabi facilities to meet our clients’ requirements.

We also have facilities across the United States of America, Mexico, Trinidad & Tobago and Saudi Arabia allowing us to serve our customers from various industries on a global scale.

PES: We know that you have a variety of different types of containers on offer, could you tell us about them and give us some examples of their use by your customers?

CM: We have various sizes within our fleet however, our core product line is our 32ft long x 11ft wide accommodation and welfare modules. These modules can either be standalone or form part of a larger complex, depending on the clients’ requirements.

They come with a built-in internal corridor and en-suite cabin on either side, making it possible to link multiple modules together, to form a self-contained complex. You can also link welfare modules with the accommodation, so that it’s possible to move from the cabin to the mess / recreation room / offices etc. via the internal corridor, without going outside. As well as linking, these modules can also be stacked forming a complex over multiple levels.

We also provide enclosed staircase modules to supplement the accommodation, which can be stacked and linked onto the TLQ complex, allowing workers to move between each level of the complex without going outside. To HB Rentals, client comfort and safety are paramount.

Each type of modules we have has a standard layout, however our clients can choose to customise based on their requirements. Whether the cabins need to be single occupancy or sleep 4 persons, have a desk space with internet access for working or a lounge seating area with television for added comfort. All of this would be developed with our client from the initial enquiry phase.

When we designed our 32ft offshore accommodation and welfare modules, we considered numerous factors, thus ensuring that our equipment meets a broad range of regulatory compliances and certifying authority requirements. With worker safety and comfort at the forefront, some of the primary drivers include HSE Guidelines, DNV 2.7-1 certification, SOLAS / IMO regulations and most recently, the ABS Guide for Portable Accommodation.

This enables us to supply equipment for a multitude of applications and configurations from standalone bedroom modules to large, multi-level accommodation complexes complete with welfare facilities and auxiliary services.

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