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GE’s Vortex Generators enable Valeco Group to improve production at its Champs Perdus wind farm by 1.5%

With an independently validated optimization of 1,5%, GE’s Vortex Generators prove an excellent investment for customer Valeco Group. Confident in their technology, GE now has independent validation of their Vortex Generators from iSpin’s precise wind measurements. Furthermore, Valeco Group can confidently invest in further wind farm optimization.

Concerned about maximizing the production of its Champs Perdus wind farm (Somme-80, France), the Valeco Group has chosen to deploy the vortex generators offered by turbine manufacturer GE. These are small fins installed on the surface of the blades, which increase their lift and therefore improve the electricity production of the wind turbine.

To validate the relevance of its investment, Valeco Group used the iSpin technology of ROMO Wind, in order to verify the impact in terms of production gain of the Vortex Generators on a first wind turbine in the park. The 4-month measurement campaign thus carried out made it possible to demonstrate a 1.54% improvement in production on the GE machine equipped with Vortex Generators.

Valentin Odoul, Valeco Group Performance Manager, explains “Constantly seeking to optimize the performance of our wind farms, GE’s innovative solutions always arouse our greatest interest. However, before deploying this innovation across the fleet, it was essential for us to validate the benefits on a first machine. The results obtained further confirm the relevance of our investment and allow us confidently plan the deployment of this innovation on the other wind turbines of the park. “

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