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BBC Chartering’s Renewable Energy Chartering Manager, Sebastian Stackelies, spoke enthusiastically to us at PES about the growth of the wind energy industry. Wind farm projects are on the increase, taking over from the decrease in the oil & gas sector. Expansion into Asia and continuing markets in North America and Europe are set to keep this experienced company very busy in the future.

PES: Hi Sebastian, welcome to PES Wind magazine. It’s great to be able to talk with you and get an update on BBC Chartering. We know you are involved in many industries and wondered just how important the wind sector is to you?

Sebastian Stackelies: The renewable energy sector has always been very important for BBC. As you know we have been involved in the transportation of wind turbines since the very beginning. Over the last few years, whilst the oil & gas sector weakened significantly, wind farm projects rose and still today, the sector is booming world-wide. Subsequently, wind power cargo is of immense importance to us. We believe in this sector and its ongoing growth potential.

PES: What impact has the increase of wind farm projects had in Asia?

SS: Existing manufacturing facilities, primarily in China, but also in Vietnam and Indonesia have increased their output extensively and are now running at full capacity. Moreover, new factories have opened in China, India, Malaysia and soon will in Taiwan. As the leading carrier for wind power cargo, we have seen how the increased demand for shipping has led to port congestions at several terminals throughout Asia.

PES: Have you experienced any consequences due to the sanctions imposed on China by the US?

SS: Indeed, we have seen interesting shifts in trade patterns due to this ongoing dispute. It seems that India especially benefits from this development in the wind sector. As carrier, we see increasing cargo volumes, which were obviously shipped from China before, now move from India to the US.

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