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… don’t worry, be heavy!

PES met up with Holger Dechant, CSO at Universal Transport, to learn about their new slogan and the risks involved in oversized component transportation. It’s really not as simple as it looks.

PES: Welcome back to PES. Thanks for talking with us. We know the wind industry is an expanding sector, how is this impacting on Universal Transport?

Holger Dechant: This year there is a strong upturn in the wind power industry in Germany. As we don’t know whether this is will continue to increase in future, we are also looking at other markets such as Turkey and Egypt.

There is a new law in Germany with new regulations. For this reason a lot of companies signed many projects last year and in 2017 these components have to be delivered. The new law is called Erneuerbare – Energien-Gesetz – EEG 2017

PES: Your company slogan is don’t worry, be heavy!, can you explain why this was chosen?

HD: We had been looking for an international slogan. We wanted it to show that the customer can feel in good hands, that we are capable of managing demanding and complex logistic tasks. The song from which we got the idea is still well known all over the world and always puts a smile on everyone’s face.

As we see it, our company is like an orchestra and everyone has their part to play, it seemed to fit us perfectly.

PES: Please can you tell us about any forwarding problems, you as a company, are experiencing in the wind sector?

HD: Without blaming the authorities, the biggest problem in Germany is the authorisation procedure. The system is complicated and there are no tolerances for the heavy and oversized cargo. Due to this and with constantly increasing large components, it is always difficult to supply all parts, at the correct place, at the right time.

This means we simply have to wait for the permits. We keep our customers informed about this and we speak with them to the authorities. There is no better way.

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