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BBC Chartering’s Mads Poulsen talked to PES about how the demand for wind energy is increasing and the growth in size of the blades being used to harness it. This is a company which is uniquely positioned, with both the fleet capacity and the vessel diversity, required to meet the challenge of bigger blades and a rise in demand.

PES: Hi Mads, it’s great to welcome you back to PES Wind. We have spoken together on many occasions and it’s great to have your perspective on chartering in our industry. We would love to know how BBC is positioned to keep up with the developments in the wind turbine transport sector?

Mads Poulsen: We are following developments in the industry very closely in order to develop an early understanding of the market as it evolves. We have conversations all the time with people who have key insights into current market developments, and we’ve been participating in studies that map risk and performance.

Over the past years we’ve seen the introduction of bigger blades, and we continue to follow this tendency with great interest. We expect this trend to continue, and even though it will present new challenges, BBC Chartering remains ideally positioned to meet these challenges with our diverse and capable fleet and our market approach.

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