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CWind Taiwan team up with HYTOR on temporary power in Taiwan

Taipei, 10th August 2020. CWind Taiwan, a joint venture between European firm CWind and Taiwanese IOVTEC, has announced a strategic alliance with HYTOR to bring temporary power solutions to the Taiwanese offshore wind farm market.

Working in collaboration with HYTOR Tools Solutions, a preferred supplier of offshore generators for the wind turbine industry over several decades, the two companies have imported a significant quantity of 100 kVA generators to be based in CWind Taiwan’s operational hub in Taichung Port. The generators are being prepared for offshore deployment on a project in the Taiwan Strait commencing July 2020 ensuring a constant and safe power supply throughout the construction and commissioning period.

HYTOR Tools Solutions generators are specifically designed to operate reliably in harsh offshore conditions and to be mobilised, serviced and demobilised over the course of a project by CWind Taiwan’s fleet of Taiwan-flagged crew transfer vessels. To ensure smooth project delivery CWind Taiwan has employed experienced temporary power project managers from European parent company CWind, to provide onsite operational support, and further enhance the training of local generator technicians.

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