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Commenting on Labour’s plans for an increase in renewable energy deployment, which will be announced in a speech by party leader Jeremy Corbyn this afternoon;

Jenny Hogan, Deputy Chief Executive of Scottish Renewables, said: “These ambitious goals recognise renewable energy’s place as an engine for economic change.

“Mature renewable technologies, like onshore wind and solar, are our cheapest new sources of power generation. Deploying renewables at scale, and reversing the decisions which have locked onshore wind and solar out of the energy market since 2015, would drive investment and jobs across the UK.

“To meet a 60% renewable energy target by 2030, a rapid expansion of clean heat and transport – powered by renewables – will be critical. Action is needed now to decarbonise these sectors to meet our climate change obligations and deliver the jobs, investment and infrastructure this transition would bring to communities across the country.”

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