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Central Management Systems: under the spotlight

PES hears from Rainer Duus, Project Management & Sales, INTEC, as he discusses the ever growing importance of Central Management Systems within the wind sector….

INTEC Industrial Technologies has stood for highest quality and reliability since its foundation in 1999 in Dietramszell near Munich.

In recent years, we have been able to expand our business activities based on sustainable growth. We offer our customers sophisticated engineering solutions in the fields of aeronautical engineering, naval systems and automotive engineering.

Recently, INTEC expanded its maritime business by opening a branch office located in Wilhelmshaven near its customers: German Navy, Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration, as wells as wind energy customers. In this sector, we specialise in systems engineering and high-tech system integration. We are capable of designing, developing and implementing IT-systems or subsystems, to support them and to conduct after-sales services; our project processing complies with international standards such as V-model or DoD MIL-STD 498.

Central Management Systems 
for Offshore Windfarms
The modern economy cannot function without central management systems – they control and manage large amounts of information in all areas of industry and/or administration. Incoming info is processed and displayed in a way most convenient for human senses to perceive. Sectors like renewable energy will not be able to do without central management systems when facing current and future challenges.



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