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An announcement today (Nov 28) sets out which companies will work to build the Neart na Gaoithe Offshore Wind Farm, 15km off the Fife coast.

Responding, Scottish Renewables Chief Executive Claire Mack said:  “Today’s announcement is great news for offshore wind in Scotland and shows what can be achieved when developers, supply chain and government work together.

“Scotland’s offshore wind resource is tremendous. Couple with that world-class universities and colleges and our enormous experience in subsea engineering, and the recipe is impressive

“Today’s announcement shows not just the diversity of skilled professions involved in the creation of an offshore wind project, but also the geographic diversity of its impact.

“From Eyemouth in the Scottish Borders to Dundee and Fife, the benefits of this single project are remarkable, and show the importance of focussing on delivering not just the best environmental outcomes but also the best local economic impacts from offshore wind.

“It is important to remember that more than half of the value of an offshore wind project lies in the 20-plus years of operations and maintenance which are required to operate its turbines efficiently.  Companies in Scottish Renewables’ membership are already excelling in this area, and capturing more of these green ‘jobs of the future’ will be a key component in meeting the target set out by the Scottish Offshore Wind Energy Council: An offshore wind sector which plays to Scotland’s strengths, delivering jobs, investment and export opportunities in line with the UK Sector Deal as a key part of the path to net-zero.”

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