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A vision of the future for offshore wind

In recent weeks, the UK offshore wind community welcomed the UK Government’s new Offshore Wind Sector Deal – which will see £250 million being invested into the sector. Emma Harrick, Business Development Manager for Renewables at A&P Group tells PES what it means for her company and the wind industry in general.

The Sector Deal will ensure the UK can maintain its position as world leader in renewables and continue to innovate and drive down the costs of wind farm production.

The UK’s credentials are impressive, having installed more offshore wind capacity than any other country. The cost of producing a wind farm has halved in the UK.

Renewed support from the UK Government could:

• double the number of UK turbines in UK waters.

• Take offshore wind to 30 GW by 2030.

• Meet a third of UK’s electricity demands by 2030.

• Grow the workforce from 11,000 to 27,000.

• Increase UK exports to £20 bn.

However, there is still work to be done.

Businesses operating in the UK offshore wind supply chain need to continue to provide innovative solutions to support the sector if it is to continue to flourish.

A&P Group vision

Our vision is simple: to make A&P Tyne a prime hub for the offshore wind sector; offering fabrication, port services and marine capabilities to developers and service companies.

We are also committed to making our business a trusted delivery partner for the offshore wind sector and we are fulfilling this commitment through a number of initiatives:

1. Continuing to develop skills and train a new generation of engineers to service the offshore wind sector

2. Fostering best practice in HSEQ

3. Continuing to invest in our facilities

4. Delivering fabrication, marine and port operation services on time and to budget

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