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A landmark 25 offshore wind projects ensure valuable experience

How does the offshore wind service and accommodation industry keep up with operators’ requirements? The industry has changed over the years and now wind farms are farther and farther from the shore, making accommodation an even more important focus for employers, who want to make sure their highly skilled workers are well rested and relaxed, whilst on site for longer periods of time. PES asked C-bed’s Managing Director, Jesper Nielsen how his company has evolved over the years.

PES: It’s great to have you back with us at PES and have the opportunity to catch up on the developments at C-bed.

Jesper Nielsen: Thank you, it’s great to be with you again.

PES: So, just what is the secret behind reaching the 25 projects mark?

JN: I believe, the secret is a mix of experience, knowledge and the right people. The experience comes from pioneering the market in 2008. We saw a gap in the market for offshore accommodation, as wind farms gradually gained distance from the shore and over 100 installation technicians were transported by small vessels to and from remote sites.

Our idea was simple: we would convert a ferry into an offshore hotel which would then be anchored at the wind farm and allow for easy transfers. This concept worked very well for years, before new requirements pushed for the introduction of SOVs to replace the ferries.

With 11 years of accumulated offshore accommodation experience and a team of carefully selected employees, high
standards remain a priority for us. With our quality hotel levels for offshore technicians, we keep pursuing our ‘almost better than home’ strategy.

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