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A day in the life of offshore crew

PES introduces the C-bed Floating Hotels, a worldwide pioneer within offshore accommodation and project services, providing home from home comforts to offshore crew.

C-bed believes that you deserve to be treated well when you work hard offshore and are away from your family. So, they have designed their ships to be almost better than home.

Take a tour around C-bed’s specialised offshore vessel, Wind Innovation.

Top/middle: Arriving at the floating hotel

The fit for purpose permanent boat landing, with cranage facility, makes it easy and safe to get on board the vessel. Both for personnel and equipment.

Bottom right: Or you can arrive by air…

Top left: Welcome on board – here’s your room key

Safely on board, you arrive at the reception, where the staff is ready to give you a warm welcome and keep track of everybody on board. They provide personal service 24 hours a day.

Top right: A good night’s rest

All 80 single cabins with en-suite bathroom, Wi-Fi internet, TV, desk and wardrobe ensures the guests are fully recharged before another day’s work.

Middle: Walk-to-work

By applying her DP2 capacity, Wind Innovation allows the offshore technicians direct access to their offshore workplace.

The Uptime motion compensated gangway ensures swift transfers between ship and turbine foundation of personnel and allows for tool bag transport of up to 800 kg.

Bottom: Purpose built for offshore wind logistics

Wind Innovation is purpose built for completing offshore wind projects as efficiently as possible – even in harsh weather.

All on board logistics must be fully operational from day one – including easy transport of the essential tool bags to and from work.

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