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PES had a great catch up with Mark Kingsley, CEO of Alion Energy, California. Leaders in solutions for trackers and O&M robotics and currently enjoying the bifacial surge in our industry. Although the current Covid 19 situation presenting some challenges, he has no doubt about the future opportunities.

PES: Hi Mark, its a pleasure to welcome you to PES Solar. Would you like it begin
by giving our readers a brief overview of Alion Energy?

Mark Kingsley: Alion Energy is a total solutions provider for bifacial trackers and O&M robotics. Our brand promise is The Most Power from PVas we use integrated design to combine reflective foundations and cleaning robotics, with a patented A-frame + ballasted tracker. System design optimizes our trackers steel content to <18 metric tons per MWp, which allows for both a stronger and cost competitive design.

PES: Would you say the solar/PV industry is expanding at the moment?

MK: Very much so. Bifacial has finally arrived in force and our industrys economics vs alternative sources of energy have never been better.

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