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Shaping the future of solar

Following the acquisition and integration of ABBs solar inverter business, completed in the first quarter of 2020, FIMER took a decisive step forward in its strategy. Leonardo Botti, Head of Global Sales and Product Management explains how FIMER is shaping a new era in solar as digitalization will level the energy playing field, enhance Distributed Energy Resources (DER) operations and propel solar adoption.

In a global scenario where the demand for renewable energy is constantly growing, solar has the power to shape new and progressive energy models for a sustainable world.

Recent reports indicate that, in the current climate, demand for renewable sources are holding their own with several MW investments taking place in territories such as Spain, South East Asia and the Middle East with solar being one of the principle
energy sources.*

Thanks to its distributed nature, reliable performance and competitiveness, solar energy will continue this trajectory.

In the future, the energy market will experience a massive surge in energy diversification and solar will be a key power source supporting all business models effectively, including energy generation and distributed energy resources (DERs) to self-consumption and peer-2-peer (P2P) technology. Geographical limitations will also be reduced, as solar today is much more effective and viable even in areas where the sun irradiation levels are modest or in hilltop locations thanks to new topologies and advanced technologies which can boost energy harvesting.

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