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Managing solar energy storage

Procuring a solar energy system with battery storage helps homeowners protect the climate and reduce their energy costs. VARTA now offers several new features that allow consumers not only to store the surplus energy, but to manage their total energy consumption, including EV charging and heating water. Compatible with systems of other brands, these features simplify the entire development of integrated energy in the UK.

As with any 21st century pioneers, the early adopters of solar and energy storage systems were environmentalists, driven by their interest to explore and the use newest possible technology and to have the latest and greatest products.

The group that came along after this early phase, as the technology developed further and products became more cost efficient, were very much focused on a desire to increase their self-consumption rate and become more independent from sinking feed-in tariffs and higher energy costs of their utility providers.

Over time these early adopters have been followed by more economically aware consumers, whose motivation is to reduce their energy costs. This development was further promoted by government subsidies or incentives.

Now as we continue into 2019, we see that solar and energy storage are only two components of what will become a major part of the smart home. Consumers are now more interested in how they can future proof their investments, by buying components from respected brands that will be around to support their needs, as systems and their demands evolve from one generation to
the next.

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