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Dispensing and filling of chemicals: a simple way to ensure better protection and more efficient processes with closed systems

The fundamental standards for manufacturing semiconductors and solar cells are as concise as they are clear – they demand absolute protection of people and the environment against chemicals, while simultaneously protecting ultrapure chemicals from contamination.

Lately of course, the requirement for highly efficient processes has been added.

It is surprising that still little is known about how this can be achieved simply and economically by using modern dispensing systems. And in addition, there is potential for substantial savings during the various process steps.

Dispensing chemicals more quickly, more safely and more efficiently

There are very good reasons why the QC-System, produced by AS, has emerged over decades as one of the leading dispensing systems worldwide for ultrapure and aggressive chemicals. Customers including prestigious chemical manufacturers and end customers in various industrial sectors benefit from a highly flexible precision tool in more than 100,000 variants for almost any imaginable operational purpose.

It is completely free of metals and made from 100% ultrapure, high-performance plastics, including a patented coding system that prevents product mix-ups. It includes a Quick-Connect System, every last detail of which is designed to maximize safety and purity during production.

The QC-System: many ideas for maximum safety

The QC-System undergoes continuous further development and improvement to meet the constantly increasing safety standards in the solar and semiconductor industry, often in direct cooperation with the customers.

It is hardly surprising that so many technical innovations are unique on the market. The objective in this is always the same: not only to obtain an ultrapure product in absolutely safe conditions, without contamination or dripping, but also to transport it quickly from A to B.

Fill heads with limit switches

Among the highlights of the QC-System with regard to safety are the fill heads with integrated limit switches, whose strengths can be applied most effectively when filling and during recirculation of hydrofluoric acid or corrosive mixtures as one, of the examples.

Regardless of whether the process involves dispensing acid or returning it after use, the limit switch in the head or in the shut-off valve reliably prevents the pumping process from being started until the filling head has been correctly connected to the container.

A signal transmitter also provides an optical display indicating whether a secure connection exists. Only the QC-System offers this in this form.

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