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Bright science taking solar to new heights

The power of the sun is immense. But capturing this power efficiently and turning it into sustainable energy is no easy task. Solar module manufacturers and project developers are therefore always on the lookout for new technologies and materials that amplify the power generated by solar systems. As a renowned materials supplier with a long track record and a strong scientific background, DSM offers several advanced solar solutions that significantly enhance the performance of solar modules and systems. PES meets up with Madelon Janssen, RT&D Director at DSM Advanced Solar, to talk about DSM’s contribution to the industry and some exciting new additions to its portfolio.

PES: Could you briefly introduce DSM and how you currently serve the solar PV industry?

Madelon Janssen: DSM is a globally operating science-based company that focuses on health, nutrition and materials. We have also long been active in the field of renewable energy, including biofuels and material applications for wind and solar energy.

At DSM Advanced Solar, we focus on innovative materials that can be applied in the entire solar value chain. To do this, we challenge every aspect of module and system design to maximize output and returns. We’re currently a leading player in anti-reflective coatings, with more than 200 million PV modules using our coating technology worldwide. We also offer an innovative Anti-Soiling coating for PV solar glass, and we manufacture high-performance Endurance backsheets.

PES: DSM works in many industries. How important is the solar sector to DSM?

MJ: The solar sector is very important to DSM, as solar energy will be one of the major renewable sources in the future energy mix. The solar PV market is growing strongly. In fact, growth is exceeding expectations year after year. This makes it a very interesting global growth market for DSM. We can see its huge potential, and we aim to contribute to it by developing innovative solutions throughout the value chain. What’s more, investing in the solar sector also contributes to DSM’s strategic sustainability mission.

In that light, we’ve recently been broadening our portfolio of solar products and materials, and we’ve also taken significant steps in terms of global expansion. This means we’re getting a better stronghold in the various regions that are leading the way in solar, such as India, China and the USA.

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