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Back contact is no longer a concept – it’s proven.

Experienced in back-contact module manufacturing since 2007, Eurotron is taking module manufacturing to the next level. “Back contact is no longer a concept. It is a proven technology and our clients are currently in mass production,” says Bram Verschoor, Commercial Director at Eurotron. PES caught up with Bram and Jan Bakker, Technical Director at Eurotron, to corroborate this claim and learn why the solar industry is ready for back-contact modules.

PES: Could you begin by introducing your organisation and explaining to us how it serves the solar/PV industry?

Bram Verschoor & Jan Bakker: Eurogroup is a group of companies dedicated to back-contact module manufacturing and everything that relates to it. The group consists of Eurotron, Eurolab, and Eurotec. Eurotron produces equipment for manufacturing of solar panels and will be the topic of our conversation. Eurolab is a lab facility that enables testing of back-contact modules, while Eurotec is dedicated to general industrial technology applications.

PES: Back-contact technologies offer an interesting ratio between efficiency and price. What are the advantages in terms of power generation?

BV & JB: We believe that back-contact panels are the best way forward for power harvesting. With a single Eurotron manufacturing line clients produce between 10 and 90 modules per hour. Depending on cell performance, our largest production line generates between 200 MWp and 250 MWp on solar modules, on an annual basis.


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