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The Prime Minister today launched the Government’s 25 Year Environment Plan with a speech in London.

Responding, Jenny Hogan, Deputy Chief Executive at Scottish Renewables, said:“The Prime Minister’s speech this morning reaffirmed the Government’s commitment to decarbonisation and provided some much-needed context on the scale of the transformation which is underway in our energy system.

“2017 saw the UK’s first day without coal power and Government forecasts this week have shown our reliance on fossil fuels is expected to decrease faster than expected because of the continued deployment of renewables.

“It is right that the Prime Minister should also acknowledge the UK’s world lead in offshore wind, which as a sector has proven how far costs can fall with access to competitive auction process.

“Clean growth is at the heart of the Government’s Industrial Strategy and its Cost of Energy Review concluded in October that renewables are ‘the new conventionals’ of energy generation.

“The time is now right to provide industry with certainty on its future plans for all renewable energy technologies – most pressingly onshore wind and large-scale solar, our cheapest sources of power, which remain largely locked out of the energy market following UK Government policy changes in 2015.”

  • Theresa May’s speech is available in full here
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