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Solar-Log™ is one of the World’s Leading Companies for Residential Solar Monitoring and Home Energy Management Systems

Binsdorf/Geislingen, Germany, September 27, 2017 – Today, solar PV monitoring is more than just visualizing PV plant data. The demand is for systems that provide professional monitoring, immediate error detection and flawless energy management. But, which systems can fulfill these three criteria? The international market research and consulting team, Navigant Research, set out to answer this question.

Navigant Research specializes in environmental technologies. They recently analyzed and assessed the global solar PV market and the 15 leading providers of Residential Solar Monitoring and Home Energy Management Systems. They ranked companies based on the criteria of technical functionality, product portfolio, geographical coverage, and the service life of the products. Solar-Log™ was ranked #2 among the 15 leading companies analyzed.

The Solar-Log™ product line includes the Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ online portal and the corresponding Solar-Log™ hardware products. In addition to professional PV plant monitoring and managing grid feed-in, the intelligent control and optimization of self-consumption is a core competence of the Solar-Log™. This allows various electrical appliances such as heat pumps, battery storage systems, heating rods and combined heat and power generators (CHP) to be flexibly managed, switched on or off and visualized, together or individually. Solar-Log™ is compatible with over 1,700 inverter models from 100 different manufacturers and with more than 100 component manufacturers.

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