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SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES enjoying continuing success with production systems for high-efficiency cells

New orders for SILEX II systems from China and USA

  • Over 30 machines sold since market introduction
  • Production capacity of 6,400 wafers per hour possible
  • Ozone-based process yields significant cost savings
  • Leading market position in field of high-performance solar cells
  • First projects for vacuum coating systems in preparation

Kahl am Main, 10. October 2017 – In the past few days SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES AG (SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES) has received new orders for a total of four SILEX II processing systems from China and USA, for use in the manufacturing of high-performance solar cells. The SILEX II has thus secured SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES a leading market position in the production of high-performance solar cells. Negotiations are moreover in progress on further customer projects to supply production systems with vacuum coating technology as complementary facilities to SILEX II. SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES also strives to be a one-stop shop for the key production stages involved in the manufacture of crystalline high-performance solar cells.

Dr.- Ing. Stefan Rinck, CEO of SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES AG, commented: “We have now already sold over 30 SILEX II and supplied the systems to customers in the USA, China and Europe. In our SILEX II, we offer the solar market a machine with high modularity, enabling us to respond flexibly to a range of process requirements specifically in the production of high-performance solar cells. This system has secured us a leading market position that we have consistently extended.” Dr. – Ing. Rinck added: “In the market for crystalline cell technology, our focus is on the next‑generation new high-efficiency cells, such as heterojunction solar cells, which market research firms expect will dominate the next investment cycle. We are in the process of also introducing new system concepts into the market and targeting a leading market position for the

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