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RENA Technologies and AIKO Solar Energy cooperate in the field of p-type PERC technology and advanced metallization

Guetenbach, 12 June 2017. RENA Technologies GmbH (Germany) and AIKO Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (China) cooperate in the field of p-type crystalline silicon solar cell technology. RENA supports AIKO’s transfer to passivated emitter and rear cell (PERC) technology on mono- and multicrystalline silicon and the two companies have agreed to cooperate in the field of plated front side electrodes to replace costly printed silver pastes.

AIKO Solar Energy is currently migrating its production to PERC technology and takes advantage of the flexibility of RENA’s production equipment. Both the alkaline texturing equipment “RENA BatchTex” and edge isolation equipment “RENA InOxSide+“ allows tuning of the processes to achieve the desired surface morphology for the manufacturer’s PERC products. AIKO is fabricating both mono- and multicrystalline silicon solar cells with passivated surfaces and recently also launched its bifacial cell product line using monocrystalline silicon. “The RENA products allow us to easily adjust the processes to meet the technical requirement of the corresponding cell structure: we need different surface conditions for our different products. The texturing and edge isolation tools from RENA enable an easy change and adaption in the production“, explains Chairman Chen Gang from AIKO Solar Energy.


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