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On the grid: Innovative HOPPECKE hybrid large-scale energy storage system successfully commissioned

The first hybrid lagre-scale energy storage system sun | systemizer was successfully connected to the power grid. It will in future stabilize the European Interconnected Network (ENTSO-E). Further major orders have already been received as the HOPPECKE battery system series is now available in a wide range of scalable capacities.

“With this solution of lead and lithium storage, which can be individually combined for specific applications, we meet our customers’ requirements exactly. We are currently already planning further large-scale storage facilities in power classes up to 100 MWh. For example, to ensure grid stability at other locations in Germany. But also for large photovoltaic systems in Asia. Our customers get the best cost-benefit ratio through our custom-fit solutions. We have noticed a great deal of interest in the sun | systemizer for several months now,” says Michael Entrup, Head of the Stationary Energy Storage Division in the HOPPECKE Group, about the relevance of the large storage tanks for international markets.

HOPPECKE hybrid storage system buffers load peaks and enables climate-neutral e-mobility

In addition to stabilizing the power grid, there is already strong demand for the hybrid large-scale storage system for other applications. Small and medium-sized industrial companies can use the sun | systemizer to cushion peak loads in their energy requirements and thus save high investments in infrastructure. The HOPPECKE large-scale storage system also offers turnkey solutions for solar parks and district storage tanks. And with this powerful energy storage system, e-mobility can be operated in a completely climate-neutral manner. Energy from renewable sources such as sun and wind can be stored at any desired location and transferred very quickly and efficiently to electric charging stations.

sun | systemizer available from 100 kWh energy content

For these applications, the sun | systemizer is also available in smaller dimensions and can be combined in modules, explains Frederik Suellwald, Key Account Manager and Project Manager Large Storage at HOPPECKE: “We already offer scalable systems with an energy content of 100 kWh and various capacities. In these energy storage systems, we can also combine VRLA lead-acid batteries with ESS technology and lithium batteries in any combination. The size of the battery cabinets is also variable. We offer these turnkey energy storage systems up to a size of 500 kWh as standard. Standardization reduces the technical planning effort required.”

HOPPECKE storage system meets the latest safety and fire protection standards

Regardless of the size, the sun | systemizer offers not only maximum flexibility but also further technical innovations. Matthias Bueter, technical product and project manager for HOPPECKE large storage facilities, describes the system as complying with the latest safety and fire protection standards: “With a new type of fire protection system for lithium batteries, the system is also compliant with future norms and standards in the long term. An innovative rack system provides a unique energy density of lead-acid batteries. All components of the large storage tank can be combined in a modular way and are refined with the HOPPECKE energy management system. This means that the best possible and most economical solution can be generated for each customer.”

The large-scale hybrid energy storage system built at HOPPECKE’s headquarters in Brilon-Hoppecke, which will stabilize the electricity grid with immediate effect, has a total energy content of 2.60 MWh and can feed in and out 1.5 MW of electrical power.

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