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Innovative module inspection ensures maximum efficiency, offers centralized recipe management and automated classification

The next level of solar module quality assurance: High speed inspection, global quality standards and 100% defect traceability

To secure a high level of finished module quality, solar manufacturers and customers can now turn to the next generation of module inspection. Using electroluminescence or optical solutions, the latest inspection technology secures the targeted quality standard in a minimum time. The systems store detailed results of customer claim issues and of root causes of defects to prevent them in ongoing production. For manufacturers, a variety of new features enables optimum throughput with minimum resources.

Electroluminescence has long been the most successful inspection solution in module manufacturing. For the latest cell and module technologies, optical inspection or a combination with electroluminescence are equally successful. For any case holds true: Automated quality assurance reveals more defects and is much more reliable than manual inspection by the naked eye, which is impractical for high throughputs – especially when the highest quality standards are needed. Automated defect detection and classification offers outstanding reliability and achieves cycle times of less than 20 seconds per module for optimum throughput.

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