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Households questioned demand independent energy supply

Within the multi-part „Energy-self-sufficient-study – Integrated Energy as a solution“ by EuPD Research, on behalf of storage developer and producer E3/DC, households in Germany are surveyed on the topics of renewable energy, electric mobility and heat. The most recent results of the study show that energy self-sufficiency is a very important topic in Germany. Over 50% of households surveyed (panel) and even over 70% of E3/DC customers rate the importance of energy independence very high (Fig. 1+2).

Osnabrueck, 12 June 2018. In times of uncertain oil prices, disputes over diesel cars and sinking prices for energy storage and solar systems, the interest in independent energy supply is increasing. Panel respondents consider the independence from energy suppliers to be very important to important (51%), while E3/DC customers consider the independence from fossil fuels to be very important to important (77%). The motives are different, the result remains the same: energy self-sufficiency is the focus of the Germans.

Dependence of Germany on oil, gas and coal imports

The respondents see not only themselves in a dependency, but the whole country. Germany’s dependence on energy imports, in particular, is critically assessed by both panel respondents and E3/DC customers. The panel respondents are concerned that the more expensive, imported raw materials will eventually have to be paid more and more by the consumer and the dependency thus has a negative impact on their own financial situation (56%). In this context, E3/DC customers even see a risk factor for the further development of the entire German economy if the country does not move out of dependence (72%). At the same time, both groups (around 70%) are calling for higher state support in the field of energy transition products. Increased willingness to buy solar energy systems, energy storage devices and wall boxes as a result of the state support contributes to the progress of the energy transition and, in addition, increases the degree of self-sufficiency of households.

Coal-fired power plants as one of the main causes of global warming

Independence in the energy supply represents a major step in the fight against global warming. In this context, both groups see coal-fired power plants as one of the main causes of global warming (panel: 74%, E3/DC customers: 89%). Panel respondents (79%) rate the industry as the top CO2-sinner. The E3/DC customers also see the industry with 89% responsible.

Responsible for solutions

In addressing the problem of global warming and driving forward the energy transition, panel respondents rank renewable electricity providers as the top priority (55%). The E3/DC customers take themselves, respectively the private consumers in the obligation (70%). “And of course both are right. Because the provider must provide the appropriate technologies so that the private consumer can successfully implement integrated energy solutions. That is why E3/DC offers holistic storage systems that buffer the energy produced and pass it on to various consumer units in the house. This way, the heat pump is operated, the car is charged via the wallbox and the entire energy budget is controlled – this is integrated energy, “says Dr. Andreas Piepenbrink.

On the „Energy-self-sufficient-study – Integrated Energy as a solution“

Within in the „Energy-self-sufficient-study – Integrated Energy as a solution“, a survey of 1021 house owners (panel) throughout Germany, the preferences on the sectors renewable energy, electric mobility and heat are depicted. The regional allocation of single-family and apartment houses was considered in the selection of the sample, which allows comparisons among the federal states. The study was conducted by the market research institute EuPD Research on behalf of E3/DC. The survey is accompanied by an inquiry of 1,003 E3/DC customers.

Further graphics and content of the study can be found in the E3/DC shortpaper (in German): Click here for issue 1 (integrated energy and heat pump)here for issue 2 (e-mobility) and here for issue 3 (energy transition).

About E3/DC 

E3/DC GmbH was founded 2010 in Osnabrueck and as an inverter manufacturer is the market leader for grid-connected solar backup power supplies in Germany today. The three-phase DC technology (TriLINK®) developed by E3/DC and the charging systems for electric vehicles ensure maximum self-sufficiency and savings, especially in the upper power range, when used in homes and commercial properties. In 2015, E3/DC was named “Brand of the Century” by Florian Langenscheidt. In an independent customer survey conducted by EuPD Research (Bonn), E3/DC achieved the highest recommendation value in 2017. In an independently conducted customer satisfaction analysis by EuPD Research, the company achieved a rating of 1.6 in 2016, which was again improved to a grade of 1.55 in 2017, where 1.0 is the highest rating.

The ISO 9001 certified company currently employs just over 80 people at its sites in Osnabrueck, Goettingen, Seefeld and in Wetter (North Rhine-Westphalia): the lithium storage systems, Wallbox, inverters and other components are developed and produced in Germany.

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