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Household Energy Storage System’s Power Solution

Abstract: The intelligent information age greatly increases electricity demand, which, in return, pressures people into seeking for green power generation due to the severe environmental pollution and energy consumption. Solar PV power generation is expected to alleviate the pressure. With governments policy support and less cost of power generation, energy storage systems are brought in tens of thousands of households. For the entire household energy storage system, MORNSUN provides a complete power solution to simplify customer’s design and increase system’s reliability.

Key words: solar PV power generation, energy storage system, power solution, MORNSUN

Introduction of household energy storage system

With the ongoing development of The Million Solar Roofs bill (the United States) and Energiewende (known as energy transition, Germany), household energy storage system is widely introduced in over 50 countries worldwide, especially when the governments give high subsidies to families whoever apply solar PV power generation. As a result, most families not only achieve self-sufficiency of household electricity but also store excess electricity. The market demand for household energy storage system is growing.


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