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FuturaSun doubles its production capacity, reaching 1 GigaWatt.

After just one year, FuturaSun’s Taizhou plant has doubled its production capacity of photovoltaic modules.

One year ago, FuturaSun announced the opening of a new plant in China, in the Taizhou photovoltaic district, near Shanghai. Initially, the new plant ensured a production capacity of 500 MW per year but, as the company highlighted, the aim was to reach 1 GW.

Despite the pandemic, after just one year, the GIGA-project is a successful achievement.

FuturaSun opens a new production plant, next to the previous one, with other two production lines, whose annual capacity is 550 MW.

The new highly automated production lines will process half-cut cells (166 mm to 210 mm) for 2120 mm x 1050 mm modules.

The half-cut configuration and the increase in number of busbars – the distinctive feature of FuturaSun’s latest top-range modules – improve the panel’s efficiency and duration.

FuturaSun’s production has always aimed at applying quality technical improvements to achieve high efficiency and performance. The Italian team focuses on research and development, allowing FuturaSun’s production plants to use state-of-the-art technologies, including IBC technology, cylindrical ribbon, glass-glass solutions and modules with independent sections.

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