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ETIP PV The annual meeting of the European Technology and Innovation Platform for Photovoltaics will take place on 03 May, 2018 in Brussels, Belgium

  • Industry leaders as well as top-ranking scientists, engineers and policy makers will discuss all aspects of PV quality
  • Registration is now open 


Brussels, 09 February 2018: The Quality and Sustainability of PV systems Conference organized by the European Technology and Innovation Platform for Photovoltaics (ETIP PV) will take place on 3 May 2018 at the BIP House (Rue Royale 2-4) in Brussels.

The PV sector has evolved extremely fast in the last decade and in 2016 crossed the 100 billion EUR turnover threshold. In a context of this fast market development, components are improving constantly, while operators are implementing more efficient processes and PV system prices are dropping dramatically. Considering such a dynamic context, the question of the quality of the PV installations becomes central now that the industry faces reduced margins and global competition.

The only way to achieve a sustainable development of PV technology in this environment must be to focus on quality products and procedures. All stakeholders involved in PV plant design and installation need to collaborate and engage for a sustainable long-term selection of products and systems. A short-term approach to building PV plants extremely fast could easily lead to poor quality.

The ETIP PV conference will offer the opportunity to join the industry leaders as well as top-ranking scientists, engineers and policy makers to discuss “Quality and sustainability as an asset for European Industry”.

SESSION 1: Quality in solar PV: what can we learn from other EU and Global Initiatives?
SESSION 2: Does quality have an impact on bankability?
SESSION 3: Ecodesign, Ecolabeling and Green Procurement Policies – enabling more Sustainable Photovoltaics?
SESSION 4: Quality and reliability: experience from the field
SESSION 5: R&D Panel discussion – Best practices towards quality

Don´t miss the chance to attend the event, registration is now open and it is free!
Find out more information and register here.

The European Technology and Innovation Platform Photovoltaics (ETIP PV) is a continuation of the European PV Technology Platform (EU PVTP) and the Solar European Industry Initiative (SEII) in a single platform under the new SET Plan governance. The ETIP PV’s mission is in line with the Energy Union and the SET Plan priorities with focus on “Renewable technologies at the heart of the new energy system” and Europe to become “number 1 in renewables”. ETIP PV gathers all the relevant stakeholders of the PV sector, with arrangements for cooperative discussions with member states (MS), associated countries (AC), and the Commission services. Its main role is to provide consensus-based strategic advice on all issues relevant to progressing research and innovation (R&I) efforts.

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