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CL Grupo Industrial buys renewable company GES

  • CL Grupo industrial enlarged its energy portfolio

  • The new investor is a mayor support for GES future. The company has gradually got back to activity during the first semester of this year.

  • GES will count on a 1.000 professional staff all over the world

June 2017. The 6th June CL Grupo Industrial completed the acquisition of Global Energy Services (GES), by acquiring the 100% of Global Energy Services Siemsa S.A. shares. The industrial group takes the last step to add the renewable construction and service provider to its energy company portfolio. GES will be the front office for all the services provided regarding the renewable sector, in which CL also had other solar companies. GES will provide services through the whole value chain, including engineering, construction, operation and maintenance for both wind and solar.

GES has recently come out of a state of insolvency the company came through during the last months. This was the last obstacle to complete the sales and purchase process from CL side, which has finally become a reality with the deal signage.

The renew company will be formed by 1.000 professionals all around the world. GES has delivered more than 14 GW in both solar and wind sector. With executed projects in more than twenty countries, the unmatched track record of 24 GW, almost the 6% of the total capacity installed in the wind sector. The company has also 5 GW maintenance contracts.


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