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Building A Leading PV Project for Argentina, The biggest PV project in its country was announced to start construction

Recently, another utility scale PV project in Argentina started construction. This project was said to be so far the biggest PV plant in this country. It is located at Cauchari of Jujuy Province with an overall size of 300MW and adopts massively the global advanced smart PV solutions with Huawei string inverters.

Cauchari is a plateau with more than 4000 meters altitude, and has superior solar resources. This area has scarce population and less-developed facility. Meanwhile, the national road here is difficult to drive especially in freezing seasons.

“Huawei string inverter is relatively small and light, each inverter can be easily installed by two engineers. Depriving from its design concept of “Digital, Simple, Smart O&M”, it features natural cooling and eliminates consumables, such as fuses and external fans, and it enables the function of high precise string level fault detection which can locate different faults remotely and precisely, improving the O&M efficiency with very few onsite check required. In this case, Huawei string inverter is a perfect match for this project.” Said Justin Shen, the country manager of Huawei Smart PV Business in Argentina.


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